Using Industrial Theatre to bring about behaviour change in the workplace

As industrial theatre specialists with a focus on health and safety, we often get questions from clients about how to get people to change their workplace behaviours. Everybody in the factory knows that you can’t wear loose clothing if you are working next to the conveyor belt, but nobody tucks their shirt in. The riskContinue reading →

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The 6 Stages of Behaviour Change and how theatre can take people through the process

It is over-ambitious to think that one piece of industrial theatre is going to bring about massive changes in the workplace overnight. Behaviour change is a complex process and individuals go through a number of different stages before they are able to change their behaviour. We all know this from our own (bad) habits ofContinue reading →

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Theatre, empowerment, and making a difference

Article by Emma Durden about theatre as a method for HIV and AIDS awareness. Originally published in Educational Research for Social Change, Volume 1, Number 2, November 2012 Read the article

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